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Hello Playwrights!


We can't wait for our first return to the NPS since the Covid pandemic began a long 2+ years ago! None of us expected to be “dark” for 2 years, but we are thrilled to be back! We ask that you support our creative mission by embracing our protocols. They are intended to protect you and all of our artists as well as to allow continuation of this event and all of the great art that Cape May Stage offers.


We have been following the various expert sources and data regarding the Covid epidemic and the current recommendations for Covid safety. We have consulted the CDC, EQUITY, and NJ State Covid guidelines. Because we may occasionally be in close proximity (acting, group sessions etc.) we must ensure everyone’s safety to the best of our abilities.


We have established the following protocols:


1. NEGATIVE COVID TEST RESULT - All participants and organizers will be required to have a proof of a negative Covid test within 4 days of the start of the NPS (Taken 5/11 or later.) This can be a rapid at-home test and we simply require a photo of the negative test or a doctor’s report of a negative test.


2. PROOF OF VACCINATION is required unless you have a medical exemption.


3. MASKSAttendees will be asked to bring masks in case the changing data justifies their use, although we hope to not require them.


4. If an attendee is unable to attend due to Covid, we will refund payments IF ANOTHER PARTICIPANT IS ABLE TO FILL THE SPOT. We will absolutely do so if possible. Because this is a not-for-profit event and we keep costs as low as possible for our playwrights, we cannot guarantee refunds, even for Covid.


5. We will incorporate SOCIAL DISTANCING by spacing out our seats inside the theatre and sometimes choosing outside spaces when the weather permits.




If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at this email or by phone at 435-757-1258.


Thank you and stay well!



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