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1. Laptop computer (for evening writing at the motel/home)


2. Writing software (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect etc.)


3. Flash Drive (OptionalFor printing in case WIFI is down or too slow. Save all files as PDF if possible.)


4. Pens/Pencils & Notepads


5. Printed Copies of Pre-Symposium Assignments (provided a few weeks before the symposium)


6. Comfortable shoes (for walking between theatre and motel/food)


7. Appropriate clothes for varying weather (cool, hot, dry, rainy etc.)


8. Umbrella


9. A camera (Cape May is famous for Victorian mansions and beautiful beaches.)


10. Water bottles/snacks  (for use during long sessions)


11. Short printed samples of your writing (monologues, scenes etc. for use at informal evening reading sessions.)




We will provide printing for assignments completed during the symposium. Details will be provided later as to how this will work.


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