We are so sad to announce that, in response to recent developments surrounding COVID-19 and for the health and well-being of our patrons, we must cancel the 2020 NATIONAL PLAYWRIGHTS SYMPOSIUM.

Although many of you may not be surprised in light of the many other cancellations around the US, we would like to express our deepest apologies for this turn of events. In addition to the health concerns associated with the pandemic, we are also factoring in the financial risk that our writers might face if we delay this decision much longer. After analyzing the calendars, the expected timeline of the crisis, and the time needed for people to plan travel, as well as the uncertainty of the airline industry, we have concluded that waiting until next month to decide whether or not to hold the event would place too much of a burden on many people. Again, we are sorry to bring this bad news. We were very excited to welcome you all this year.

A SILVER LINING... In the spirit of our new WORK-FROM-HOME existence, we are developing a new National Playwrights Symposium 10-Minute Play Contest. Although this is in the early stages of planning, if we move forward with this, it will result in a public reading of selected entries at the 2021 Symposium, awards, and hopefully a published script.

WE WILL BE BACK in May of 2021 and we hope all of you, our cherished writers and actors, will join us after this crisis passes. We wish everyone health, safety, and for those of you who are affected professionally by this pandemic, we wish you a quick return to productivity. We all await the reopening of the theatres that we love.